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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays !

To all of the Freelance Vandals fans everywhere...

We wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy Holiday Season!

Rock & Roll is a State of Mind!


Mailbag from hell

The Freelance Vandals Holiday Mailbag 2017

"Is it true that listening to heavy metal music will increase a person's brain functions?"  (Tyrone, Winnipeg Canada)  

Jack "The Kingpin" Finch: Well, I think if you listen to any one thing long enough, it certainly will get you thinking about things in general. 


"Dear Freelance Vandals: My cousin Bilbo and I have had a long standing argument over whether a meringue is a topping for a lemon pie or a dance in Latin countries. Bilbo swears it's a dance and whenever I serve Lemon Meringue pie at

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2001 9 11 benefit poster0010

This Date in Freelance Vandals History: November 18, 2001


Yesterday, I suddenly remembered that November 18th marked the 16th Anniversary of  the Freelance Vandals Rock & Roll Relief concert at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Lindenhurst, NY on November 18th in 2001.  


The show was a 9/11 Benefit show to aid the families of the  policemen and firemen who had died in the 9/11 terrorist attack. on the World Trade Center in New York city.  My wife Sweet Loretta was the one who had the idea of enlisting the Freelance Vandals to do a benefit concert.  At…

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Thunder of the gods

Happy Birthday to Billy Cairns!

Yikes!  Oct 21st came & went in a flash!

I forgot to wish Billy, my old Freelance Vandal band mate, a very Happy Birthday!


Happy belated BDay to my favorite drummer of all time...the one & only Billy Cairns!


The other day I discovered an isolated Billy Cairns drum track  from an unreleased song called Gravy Train which was part of an album recorded by "Diamond" Ray Finch, Billy and myself back in 2000. Seeing as how it's Billy's Birthday, I thought it would be fun for all of the folks who miss…

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The island is alive


Today is the release date for our first Songs From The Vault track...The Island is Alive!

The track, which was recorded in 1979, was part of a WBAB live radio broadcast

that took place at The Silver Dollar Saloon in Bay Shore, NY


The Island is Alive is available on the following online platforms:





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